This site is for registering non-member children for the Summer Programs at the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc. 

If you want to register your child/children for an After School Program membership, bussing and/or Summer Program fees at the member rate please click on the link below to go to the registration page for Boys and Girls Club of Leduc Members Registration.

If you are paying for your child's Summer Program fees via credit card or PayPal, you may use this web site to register them as required. 

If you are planning to pay for their Summer Program fees via cash, debit, cheque, money order, CAFT/PAD Agreements or Jumpstart assistance copy and paste the web address noted below in your web browser's address bar to access all required registration and payment documents, complete them and come by the club's admin office at the Leduc Rec Centre to submit them for processing.

During Summer Program weeks Boys and Girls Club of Leduc Admin Office Hours are from 8:15am to 2:30pm on Monday's, Tuesday's & Wednesday's and 8:15am - 11:30am on Thursday's. The Admin Office is closed on Fridays, weekends and Stat Holidays.

Please ensure you read the details of the club's expectations and regulations below before you complete the Registration and purchase of Summer Programs. Additional information such as the club's Child Guidance Policy and Parent Handbook are available on the club's web site - click on the link above to access this information. 

General Registration Information - Note: BGC Leduc fees are not pro-rated. 

Children must be 6 years of age to register for and attend programs at the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc. 

For Summer Programs the club is open on all regular week days (Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm) with structured programming taking place from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm each day.  This year the club will be closed on August 7, 2017 for the stat holiday.  

Summer Program fees for Non-Member registrants are $165.00/week/child for the Summer of 2017. Please note all fees are not refundable regardless of your child's attendance or any circumstances that prompt your child to be dismissed from our programming due to their actions or behaviour. Please note our Boys and Girls Club of Leduc Child Guidance Policy is available in a separate document on the club's web site registration documents page for your ready access and review. 

Parent's Registration Committment 

I, the parent/legal guardian of the child/children registered via this on-line registration agree to the following:

I agree that my child will enjoy the rights and privileges that a member of the Boys and Girls Club has. I understand that the Boys and Girls Club is a safe place for everyone and my child is to respect the Boys and Girls Club staff, volunteers and the rights of the other members. I have read (and will discuss with my child) and agree to abide by the conditions and consequences set out in the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc Child Guidance Policy. This Policy applies to ALL BGC Leduc Programs, including Summer Programming. 

I understand that the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc staff and volunteers will be supervising Club activities and programs during hours of operation, and that it is my responsibility as parent/guardian to ensure my child's safety before and after hours of operation. 

I will ensure my child is aware of all drop off/pick up arrangements. I understand that my child may leave the premises of the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc at his/her will only if he/she has written permission from the Primary or Secondary parent/guardian that has been signed by either parent/guardian and has been delivered to the Club Office prior to the date/time he/she is supposed to leave the facility. I will make every effort to communicate with my child when he/she is expected to leave the Club. 

I agree that the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc has the right to use any artwork, photographs, video and or audio of my child while participating in Club activites for the purpose of advertisement and promotional campaigns in the future, without attaching any personal information. 

I understand that my child/children has/have my permission to take part in scheduled activites such as but not limited to; field trips, swimming etc. offered through the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc After School and Summer Programs. With full knowledge of the existence and nature of my legal right and in consideration for the opportunities provided to my child/children by the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc, I waive my legal right against the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc, its staff, volunteers or Board of Directors for any loss, injury or damage suffered during or by reason of participating in a Club program. 

I authorize the application of emergency medical attention and undertake to be responsible for any hospitalization, medical and ambulance or other expenses. 

I acknowledge that myself and/or my child may be subject to video surveillance while within the Club premises. This video surveillance is strictly for safety and security purposes and will not be publically viewed or displayed. 

I agree my late fee deposit of $30.00 will be cashed if my child is picked up late (BGC closes at 5:00pm during SUMMER CAMPS.)  For special club activities, designated pick up times will be specified.  Late deposit fees must be submitted to the Admin Office at the club in the form of an undated cheque or an undated PAD agreement for $30.00. The registration will not be considered complete until the late deposit fee has been received by the club. If my $30 late fee deposit is cashed for reasons noted above a second Late Pick up deposit will be required in the amount of $60.00 thereafter. 

Completetion of Registration 

I understand that registrations for Summer Programs are accepted on a first come first served basis and will not be considered complete until the following has been received and processed by the club's administration office. 
  1. Registration document completed with all personal information for parents, emergency contacts and children attending the Summer Programs. There is no charge associated with this Registration but it must be completed when you purchase Summer Program spaces for your child/children.
  2. Summer Program Registration documents and associated payments at a non-member rate of $165.00/child/week.
  3. Deposit cheques and/or PAD agreements as follows: One (1) undated cheque and/or PAD agreement in the amount of $30.00 to be held in trust and only cashed if your child/children are not picked up before the club closes on any day your child/children attend the club.
Please ensure all of the items noted above have been submitted to the admin office at the Club so your children's registrations may be finalized. 

2017 Summer Program Schedule 

All programs are set up to be purchased by the week only. Non-members rates are $165.00/child/week.
  • Week 1 - July 4 to 7, 2017 - Farm Week - Trip to Prairie Gardens
    Note July 3, 2017 is a stat holiday and the club will be closed.
  • Week 2 - July 10 to 14, 2017 - Music Week - Trip to Street Performers Festival at Churchill Square
  • Week 3 - July 17 to 21, 2017 - Sports Week - Trip to RJC Rock Climbing
  • Week 4 - July 24 to 28, 2017 - Water Week - Trip to West Edmonton Mall Water Park
  • Week 5 - July 31 to Aug 4, 2017 - Photography & Film Week - Trip to Leduc Cinemas
  • Week 6 - Aug 8 to 11, 2017 - Heritage Week - Trip to Fort Edmonton
    Note August 7 is a stat holiday and the club will be closed.
  • Week 7 - Aug 14 to 18, 2017 - Animal Week - Trip to Edmonton Valley Zoo
  • Week 8 - Aug 21 to 25, 2017 - Science Week- Trip to Space Science Centre
Please note field trips or special events/visits are subject to change dependent on availability. 

REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL ALL SEATS ARE FILLED OR UNTIL 12:00 NOON ON THE WEDNESDAY BEFORE THE SCHEDULED WEEK OF PROGRAMMING whichever occurs first. Online tickets for the next week of programming will not be available after either time.

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2017-18 Non-Member Registration - Must be completed before purchasing Summer Program Sessions listed below.
This document collects all important personal information related to you, your child/children attending the 2017 Summer Programs at BGC Leduc. There is no charge for this registration process but it must be completed so we have the data required to complete the registrations for the Summer Program sessions you will select below. After you have completed this registration proceed with selecting the registration tickets for each week of Summer Programming that you want your child/children to attend.
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